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Freshen up your skin with this amazing package!

Improving the eveness of your skin's color and removing old dead surface cells can make a huge difference in your skin's oversall appearance. My favorite way to do this is a series of Glycolic peels. I am offering an amazing package to put the glow back into your skin.
This package for $435 includes:  A series of 6 peels, 1 total repair creme and 1 hydrating sunscreen. Everything you need to make your skin glow!!
Glycolic peels do a great job of freshing , removing stained cells, and softening the look of wrinkles and rough texture. These peels also accelerate cell turnover, which helps the skin make more hydration-binding lipids, resulting in cells plumping and looking smoother. Unlike more aggressive peels, there is no downtime with these Glycolic peels, and results can be very impressive.
An anti-aging repair crème diminishes wrinkles and firms skin. Anti-oxidants nourish and hydrate to promote healthy, more youthful skin. Sheer formula spreads easily and evenly without any residue. Enriched with a blend of anti-oxidants, vitamins and green tea as an anti-inflammatory agents. Provides ultimate protection and prevention against the aging effects of the sun. Paraben and chemical free high sun protection.
Expires 10/31/16 - Package must be used within 3 months of purchase.


Shelley Waldman

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