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Living Young - A Way Of Life.

Living young is a life style. Eating the right food, regular exercise routine, using the right products and receiving the right service are all part of the big picture. The big challenge is the amount of hours in a day. It is up to you to use the time available and prioritize the activities that meet your objective. This, in short, is the key to success, and the most significant difference between those who are successful and those who are not.
An important part of our visual wellness is the health of our skin. Aged, dehydrated and wrinkled skin is tough to “dress up “ So where do we start. Well, there is no one miracle cure, similarly there is no miracle diet that will keep us thin and fit. In fact, it is a collection of different disciplines that ultimately leads to your results. Consistency is the key!
Most people have a tendency to neglect the day to day healthy routine, and at some point they realize they have crossed the tipping point of aging, freak out and decide to take extreme action. This involves invasive methods, there is nothing wrong with this, however, the goal is to put this off for as long as possible and exploit the potential of the non- invasive methods for as long as you possibly can.
The living young evolution begins with basic skin care and concludes with surgery and maintenance. In between these two bookends is the non-invasive services such as chemical peels, injectibles, light therapy and muscle toning.
A surgical procedure can be amazing for tightening and lifting. A key drawback is that it does nothing for the cellular well being of the skin itself- the texture and the appearance do not change. Understanding the importance of consistently using professional skin care products and getting professional services is where it all begins. Without this, the success and longevity of an amazing surgery will be limited.
Non-invasive pathways
Cellular well-being is the concept of working with the human body non-invasively in an effort to increase cellular energy, known as adenosine triphosphate (ATP). ATP is the cellular energy that makes life as a living organism possible. The less ATP you have, the more inadequately you function, which inherently slows down the healing, repair and regeneration potential of the human body. Hence the process of aging.
By the time we reach the age of 60, our ATP levels are half what they were in our younger years. We have no shortage of “ incoming “ elements that wreak havoc in our bodies. This takes a toll on our skin, and we simply have less defense and repair mechanisms (ATP) to combat the situation. As a result, we age.
ATP generators
Skin care professionals have an arsenal of ATP generators at their fingertips, the most powerful type being Microcurrent. Specific frequencies of microcurrent have been proven to increase ATP synthesis by as much as 500 percent. The results of this amazing turbo boost of energy are immediately apparent in the collagen and elastin synthesis, which greatly diminishes the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. In addition , the high boost of cellular energy assists the muscles in maintaining a more toned position, and has near immediate effect on the skin.
LED therapy is another source of ATP production. This light energy has an uncanny knack for increasing the synthesis of ATP and works in an entirely different way than that of microcurrent, but they both share the ability to create a proton gradient across the mitochondria, which is the catalyst for ATP.
Microdermabrasion, does nothing for ATP production, but it is a necessary attribute to preparing the skin for the technology services that do have an effect on ATP. As the stratum corneum is the primary inhibitor of conductivity for microcurrent and LED penetration, removing this inhibition with microdermabrasion is key for maximum success.
There is no one miracle product that guarantees success. It is the concept of a little bit all the time that is the true key to success and living young. The good news is that when the fibroblasts are stimulated collagen will continue to be produced , improving the health and appearance of the skin.
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Shelley Waldman