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Permanent make-up is the answer for summer

Summer is the perfect time to do permanent makeup . It makes life hassle free, no worries that your eyeliner is smudging or your eyebrows are melting away in the heat. Just think you can swim, run and  excercise and feel confident  that  your make-up looks perfect. Call For a free consult at 941 350-0942 

This is a picture of natural looking permanent makeup after it has settled.

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Permanent Makeup Convention

Permanent Makeup Convention

I was excited to attend the The Society of Permanent Cosmetic Professionals in Orlando. This was an opportunity to meet and share expertise with other professional permanent make-up artists. It is also an excellent venue for advanced education in the field of permanent make-up. I really benefitted from attending classes to improve my skills as a permanent make-up professional.


Permanent Makeup Advanced Class Completed

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I just completed another advanced one- on -one class for permanent makeup in New York City . This session focused on hair strokes with a shadowing technique to create a natural looking brow. I am excited to use all my new skills in permanent makeup.






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This young woman likes a strong brow and was using makeup to fill in her brows, which were naturally thin from over plucking. This picture was taken right after the procedure. It will soften after a couple of weeks.





New Certification For Permanent Makeup

I have received the newly required certification from the Health Department for Permanent Makeup. This newly required certification guarantees a safe and professional environment for permanent makeup. Do you wonder what it would be like to never have to worry about eyeliner smudging or fading during the day? Or what it would be like not to fuss over applying eyebrows every day? Let Permanent Makeup make your life easier.

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