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Spring Complexion

As the days grow longer we know that spring is on the way. This is the perfect time to make sure your skin is ready for a new season with our Signature Facelift treatment-a results-driven treatment will change the Image of your skin in just one session. Vitamin C, alpha and beta hydroxy acids, and gentle yet effective enzymes speed up cellular turnover lightening, tightening and brightening all skin types, even Rosacea and sensitive skin.

Schedule your appointment today. . Let us help you look relaxed and rejuvenated as the dash into spring begins. Schedule an appointment today!

March The Brown Spots Away

104998 w150h192Eliminating Brown Spots

Even Out Your Skin Tone with Good Care

Many people develop brown spots on their skin over time, especially if they've had a trauma to their skin or spent much time in the sun. The term for these spots is hyperpigmentation, which describes an excess of pigment in the skin. Often an early sign of aging, they may first appear on the backs of hands. These spots can be faded, but patience for the process is required because repeated treatments will be necessary. It takes regular use of sunscreen to keep hyperpigmentation from returning. (Note that hyperpigmentation is different from hypopigmentation, which appears as lighter spots on the skin).

Hyperpigmentation arises when melanin in the epidermis becomes irritated, so to speak, and increases production, darkening the outer skin and becoming visible at the skin's surface. Regularly scheduled professional treatments, combined with a proper home care regimen, can calm the production of melanin and lighten the skin.

Hyperpigmentation takes different forms. These include:

Freckles/lentigenes.These are the result of an inherited tendency; exposure to the sun will darken their color.

Solar lentigenes.These darkened spots on the skin that some call age spots indicate overexposure to the sun that has resulted in ultraviolet light damage.

Melasma.Melasma is a response to hormone changes, such as those caused by birth control pills, pregnancy, and menopause, resulting in facial spots.

Postinflammatory hyperpigmentation.This is the direct result of an injury to the skin. The body's response to injury is inflammation. Some think this inflammation reprograms melanocytes to be hyperactive and to produce more melanin. It affects men and women equally. Some common pigmentation- causing injuries include: abrasions, cuts, and wounds; acne lesions and cysts, excoriations (picking pimples); aggressive chemical exfoliation (peels); aggressive extraction; ingrown hairs; insect bites; scratching; sunburn; and waxing.


Hyperpigmentation can be caused by certain prescription drugs, like antibiotics, antidepressants, barbiturates (depressants), and chemotherapy drugs. Some over-the-counter laxatives with phenolphthalein and nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs), like ibuprofen, can cause hyper- pigmentation. Be sure to record your use of these drugs on the intake form (or on an updated health history) when you arrive and verbally mention them to your esthetician before beginning a treatment.

Occasionally, people mistake darkness under the eyes for hyperpigmentation, but this condition is a reflection of the blood vessels through the surface of the skin. These circles have a variety of causes and can sometimes be treated with peptides.

While hyperpigmentation generally affects all races, some forms of it appear more often with certain skin colors and tones. For example, melasma and postinflammatory hyperpigmentation are more prevalent in darker skin. Solar lentigenes are more prevalent in lighter skin (ninety percent of white adults older than 60 have age spots); they also are more common in women than men.


It's very important that you follow the instructions of your skin care professional in preparing for any skin treatments. Your skin care professional will take steps to avoid inducing pigmentation when he or she performs chemical exfoliation, extractions, or waxing. For example, you may be advised to undergo preliminary treatments or to use skin care products, or both, for several weeks before chemical exfoliation (peels) or microdermabrasion. This preparation will reduce the odds of postinflammatory hyperpigmentation and give you better treatment results when you do receive peels or microdermabrasion.

To prevent sun-induced hyper- pigmentation and other skin damage, sunscreen is the most important product to use. Diligent use of sunscreen can prevent further sun damage, but it cannot repair damage already done. Experts strongly recommend using generous amounts of SPF 15 (or higher) sunscreen at all times, reapplying it every few hours. Sunscreens with avobenzone, titanium dioxide, or zinc oxide provide the most complete coverage. Even more importantly, sunscreen reduces ultraviolet light exposure, which reduces the risk of skin cancer.


As a member of Associated Skin Care Professionals (ASCP), your esthetician is prepared to help address questions you have about your skin and to work with you to determine the most useful care that meets your needs. The treatment of brown spots can be highly effective, but it takes a bit of time. Professional treatments for hyperpigmentation may include chemical exfoliation or micro- dermabrasion in combination with topical products. Or, topical treatments may be used alone. Your esthetician can best determine what will bring you the greatest results. Again, following the directions for home care after professional treatments is very important to your success. Make the most of the time and money you've invested in your treatments by following up on your esthetician's instructions.

See our March Special for Microdermabrasion. The recommended treatment for hyperpigmentation.

Valentine's Day 2015

1276 w150h166Pamper your love with the gift of beautiful, healthy skin this Valentine’s. One of our signature treatments will help your special someone look and feel their very best and put a huge smile on their face. Visit our website to purchase wonderful Spa Packages to delight your special loved one. It's not too late to pamper your love - purchase your Instant Gift Certificate now!

Valentine Treat For The Skin

53574 w150h150Try the new Signature facelift - $125

This signature , results- driven treatment will change the image of your skin in one session. Vitamin C, alpha and beta hydroxy acids, and gentle yet effective enzymes speed up cellular turnover lightening , tightening and brightening all skin types, even sensitive skin. In addition to four layers of exfoliation , the skin is nourished with a Vitamin C eye and lip treatment while the skin is hydrated with hyaluronic ampoules. This treatment will Wow your skin. Schedule an appointment and shop for your Valentine's Day gifts early! Purchase an Instant Gift Certificate

Oxygen Facials Provide Instant Effects

88670 w150h227As we age, the oxygen levels in our facial tissue naturally decline, decreasing blood circulation and causing our skin to look dull. By applying oxygen directly to your face, you can bring back that radiance, freshness, clarity and the firmness of your youth. Oxygen not only softens fine lines and wrinkles, but also kills bacteria, giving the skin a clearer looking complexion. The skin will be smoother, thus making makeup application easier. 

Receiving oxygen facials will provide instant effects by plumping and hydrating the skin, soften fine lines and wrinkles and un-clog pores, allowing for your skin cells to turn over much faster. The Image O2 Lift is a professional treatment designed to do just that and more. Call Outer Image Spa today for an appointment 941 350-0942

New Certification For Permanent Makeup

I have received the newly required certification from the Health Department for Permanent Makeup. This newly required certification guarantees a safe and professional environment for permanent makeup. Do you wonder what it would be like to never have to worry about eyeliner smudging or fading during the day? Or what it would be like not to fuss over applying eyebrows every day? Let Permanent Makeup make your life easier.

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Transform Your Skin

This season was all about the Transformers (movies, planetary alignments - you name it, it's been a time of change) and now it’s your turn.
Transform your dull, stressed skin into a positively radiant complexion. With one of our tailored facials, we’ll make sure you showcase silky, soft skin all season long.
Try the new O2Lift facial which exfoliates the skin with enzymes, infuses oxygen and stem cells into the skin. Make an entire event of it and invite your friends to pamper themselves with you. Schedule an appointment today.

Father's Day Gift

Dads are the best! This Father's Day, make your dad feel like the VIP he is and pamper him with a nourishing skin treatment. There's nothing like a skin treatment to leave him feeling relaxed and refreshed. Even if you're the master procrastinator and are infamous for leaving your shopping until the last minute, you can still give Dad a thoughtful gift with our Instant Gift Certificates. Why put it off - purchase your gift certificate today. Visit the website and click on specials to see spa packages

Rewards For Grads

Graduation is a huge milestone in a person's life and it deserves a little recognition. Reward your graduate for a job well done with a gift certificate for one of our luxurious skin treatments. After years of homework, presentations and exams, one of our treatments is exactly what your graduate needs to relax and feel regenerated. It's the perfect way to congratulate and pamper your graduate. Purchase a gift certificate today!

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Exfoliating 2014

Grape Wine Peel $80.00

Say "Goodbye" to dull tired skin & say "Hello" to softer younger looking healthier skin! Our luxurious Grape Wine Peel Facial is a more natural approach to harsh acid peels while achieving the same results! Using White Grape Wine and Fresh Fruit Pulp, it is a much more intense exfoliation, conditioning and hydrating Facial. Recommended in a MINIMUM series of four consecutive weeks, you'll love the way your skin looks and feels afterwards!

Purchase a series of 4 treatments (once a week for 4 weeks) for $315.00 and receive a Prevention Plus sunscreen for home use!

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Do You Want To Be Spotless


Outer Image spa has several effective treatments to improve the appearance of the skin by removing and lightening brown spots. Combining these excellent products in your daily regimen with a Microdermabrasion treatment results in remarkable improvement to the skin.

March Special: 15 % off Lightening or Bleaching Serum. Purchase 2 lightening or Bleaching serums and get 15 % off a Microdermabrasion treatment. A savings of $20

What Anti-Aging Product Will Work For You.


It was developed in the late 60’s by Albert Kligman, Ph. D. as an acne treatment. Kligman noticed that Retin A also improved wrinkles and skin tone in acne patients. Kligman patented Renova, a tretinoin in an emollient base, which was the first FDA- approved topical treatment for wrinkles and fine lines. That was about 18 years ago, and retinoids still star in everything from moisturizers and serums to eye and neck creams.
Dermatologist claim that that there is not a single class of ingredient that can rival the track record that retinoids have for proven scientific results that show smoother, firmer skin, a more even tone, fewer breakouts and tighter pores.
How they work

Retinoids are amazing multi- taskers. By acting directly on the DNA in skin cells, they boost the many cell functions that tend to slow down once we hit 30. Retinoids increase cell turnover, so the skin is continually sloughing off damaged cells and allows healthy cells to be on top. This is what gives the skin a radiant and healthy look.
Retinoids also thin the top layer of the skin, the stratun corneum, while thickening the second layer, the epidermis, which is the mattress layer that supports the skin. This is as a result of the retinoids boosting the production of collagen, one of the skin’s primary support structures.
Wait, there is still more. Retinoids help keep the tissues hydrated, help clear dead skin cells, oil, and debris from the pores, leaving them less distended, resulting in minimizing pore size.

How to use Retinoids

It is best to be under the care of an Esthetician or doctor who can monitor your regimen and tweek it as needed. Higher levels may result in quicker benefits, but can be accompanied with redness, drying, peeling and flaking. A smart regimen is key to optimizing results and minimizing irritation.
As retinoids make the skin more sun sensitive, it is best to apply at night. A broad spectrum sunscreen must be used during the day.
∗Wash the face before bedtime with recommended cleanser. Avoid granulated types. Wait about 20 minutes to avoid stinging.
∗Take a dime size amount of your retinoid product and smooth it onto your face, neck, décolletage and carefully near the eye area.
∗Follow up with nighttime moisturizer. For sensitive skin, apply moisturizer before the retinoid to reduce redness. This will not compromise the results.
∗If you can not tolerate the burn, wash the retinoid off after 15 minutes. This will only slightly decrease the benefits.
It is recommended to use it twice weekly for two weeks, then increase to three times a week. Back off if you notice irritation. With proper technique and regular use , you will eventually tolerate the retinoids.

Outer Image Spa has a excellent Retinoid product from Image Skincare .

A highly concentrated blend of Retinol and Polypeptides to resurface, rejuvenate and repair aging and acne prone skin
• Potent Anti-Aging properties
• Rejuvenates and repairs aging/acne prone skin
• Significantly reduces fine lines
• Visibly tighter skin
• Treats all levels of acne
• Paraben Free
call 941 926-3399 for further information

How To Prevent The Signs Of Aging

Everyone thinks of skin with fine lines and wrinkles as just another product of getting older. Consistent sun exposure, the weather and lack of skincare can all lead to skin aging before its time. Learn the three major signs of aging and how to combat their effects on the skin.

Fine Lines and Wrinkles
One of the first signs that women in particular notice is fine lines around the eyes. The skin around your eyes is especially vulnerable to lack of moisture and sun damage. Anti aging products such as the MAX Eye Creme and the Ageless Total Eye Lift Creme can help tighten the skin around the eyes. Choose an eye cream that contains moisturizing and natural ingredients to prevent future lines.

Skin Tone and Texture
Another sign of skin that is aging prematurely is dull skin tone and rough skin texture. As we age, our cell turnover rate declines. This can lead to uneven coloration and dry spots.
Choose anti aging products such as a daily face cleanser and face cremes that can resurface your skin. Our Ageless Total Facial Cleanser gently exfoliates to remove dull skin. The Ageless Total Retinol A Creme works to rejuvenate skin texture by restoring collagen and moisture.

Sagging Skin
Sagging skin is often associated with aging, but it can occur earlier due to sun damage or weight loss. Preventing and repairing this damage is accomplished by using anti aging products that contain glycolic and retinol compounds to restore elasticity. Retinol (Vitamin A) is essential for aging skin as it helps to stimulate the fibroblasts which produce collagen. It is a key ingredient of the Ageless Total Repair Creme, which works to firm skin by combining both hydrating hyaluronic acid and Shea butter.The Max serum contain peptides that stimulate the production of collagen.

Overall Care
The best defense against preventing these signs of aging is to begin a daily skin care regimen. Daily exposure to the elements and loss of collagen are unavoidable, but using the right products can maintain your skin’s radiance. Choose a cleanser, anti-aging and repair cremes that work in combination to provide rejuvenation, resurfacing and repair.

Holiday 2013

85198 w150h150Purchase Instant Gift Certificates online and instantly make the holiday bright with anticipation for all the special people in your life. Give a gift that improves the happiness and health of those you love the most in the world. Visit the website to see our Spa Packages.




October Newsletter

103743 w150h150These are the reasons I attend the International Esthetics, Cosmetic & Spa convention in Fort Lauderdale. It is an opportunity to see what is new in my industry and to attend advanced education workshops. It is fun shopping for new products for the Spa and learning about new services. So what did I bring home with me this year. I am excited to offer a new shea suger scrub for the face, which exfoliates the dead skin and leaves the face feeling silky smooth. Shopping for new make-up colors is always fun. Book a makeup lesson and try the new colors.

Two new facial services will be coming soon to the Outer Image Spa. Check your email for the announcement.

Education Moment: To fight aging skin , one must :

Fight free radical damage
Stimulate cell renewal & cell turnover
Collagen synthesis
Hydrate tissues & reinforce barrier layer
Outer Image Spa offers services and products that provide you with these essential anti-aging ingredients.

Service of the Month: Rejuvenator Treatment ( non-surgical face-lift) $90 savings of $30

Four phases of this machine work in conjunction with specially formulated products to penetrate beyond the epidermis and provide rejuvenating and firming results.

Photo Rejuvenation Ultra sound Pulsating massage
Micro current muscle toning


104008 w150h160Product of the month: $18 now $16

An ultra hydrating anti-aging polypeptide lip complex, which dramatically enhances the appearance of lip contours. Adding up to 40% more moisture, volume and reducing fine lines with repeat usage. Use of this product will compliment professional dermal fillers.



100181 w150h150This is the perfect time to do permanent make-up. No hassle doing makeup for the holidays. Always look your best with no effort.




September Newsletter

88670 w150h227How would you like your next facial, manicure or pedicure FREE. Invite 2 friends, who are new clients, to book a service at the Outer Image Spa. When your 2 new referrals come in, you will be rewarded with the same service FREE!. All you have to do is tell your friends, business associates and relatives about the excellent service they will receive at the Outer Image Spa. (massage not included) SERVICE SPECIAL OF THE MONTH: The 02 lift Treatment This luxurious treatment infuses oxygen, plant-derived stem cells, peptides and high concentration of enzymatic botanicals into the skin leaving it luminous, refreshed and rejuvenated. This treatment includes an Enzymatic Facial Peel , an Oxygenating Facial Masque and a Stem Cell Enhancer. Special offer : $ 75 (a value of $ 90)


Awesome August Specials

100351 w150h160For the month of August only, take advantage of the specials that will save you money for months to come.Visit the website to view the special offers for August.

Product of the month

Ageless Total Facial Cleanser :$28 now $22.50

A universal foaming cleanser that rinses away makeup and oil, balances the PH of your skin and eliminates the need for a toner. A gentle Glycolic Acid blend begins the exfoliating process to reveal smoother skin. Ideal for all skin types.



Summer Newsletter

Summer is a time many businesses are offering discount coupons to bring in new customers. Outer Image Spa values its customers and would prefer offering specials to its existing customers to thank them for their loyal support. Starting June 20th, daily deals will appear on my website . So visit the website to take advantage of the discount offers, which will change every 3 days and will be valid for 3 days only.

Start with the first offer of $20 off a Microdermabrasion treatment.

Image skincare was chosen to be the official skincare for Miss Universe, Miss Teen and Miss USA. So all you clients using Image skincare are going to be as beautiful as the contestants.

Product Special:

Vital C hydrating anti-aging lotion and Ageless total anti-aging cleanser for $69 regular price $78

A universal foaming cleanser that rinses away makeup and oil, balances the PH of your skin and eliminates the need for a toner. A gentle Glycolic Acid blend begins the exfoliating process to reveal smoother skin. Ideal for all skin types.

A pharmaceutical grade Vitamin C serum that immediately minimizes and soothes the visible effects of environmentally damaged skin. Vitamins A,C and E and anti-oxidants nourish the skin to create healthy, youthful glowing skin.

Vital C Hydrating Anti Aging Serum 1.7ozAgeless Total Facial Cleanser 6oz

Education moment:

Dr. Thornfeldt is a practicing dermatologist with more than 30 years of skin research in skin barrier and cutaneous inflammatory conditions. In an article he wrote , he stated "that the skin must be healthy, with optimum skin barrier function to achieve desired beauty and protection. The core of the skin barrier resides in the right moisturizing ingredients." Image skincare products provide the essential ingredients to moisturize and balance the skin's barrier function

New Image Sunscreen Products Have Arrived!!

Bright, glowing skin is a look that we all strive to achieve. Unfortunately, many of us have some level of hyperpigmentation on our skin brought on by factors such as medications, hormonal changes, acne or trauma.

Skin discoloration doesn't have to be a definitive condition. A vital step in prevention is an effective sunscreen. Image skincare has recognized the importance of combining a high quality sunscreen with all the essential ingredients of a good moisturizer.

Please look below at the new Prevention + sunscreen products.

Why is Prevention + Different?

Prevention + is not only a high-intensity sunscreen, but a moisturizer filled with stem cells, antioxidants, botanical SPF boosters, and a DNA Protection Complex. Prevention + uses a form of zinc rarely used in products because it’s expensive, but the particles are so small that it prevents the white, cakey residue left by some sunscreens.

Prevention + completely absorbs into the skin leaving it silky and smooth, and completely protected.

April Specials-

Treatment: O2 lift treatment $75 regularly $90

Product: All body souffle lotions and body scrubs 15 % off.

Coming soon - Mother's Day Special on our website