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Permanent Makeup

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Permanent Make-Up

Permanent makeup, also known as Intradermal Pigmentation, is a revolutionary method of applying natural pigments into the dermal layer of skin. This state-of-the-art technique is medically proven and specifically designed to be completely safe. This medically developed procedure is a method of implanting color pigments into your skin to create a lasting cosmetic effect. Makeup can be as soft or dramatic as you like.

Certified in Hair Stroke techniques to achieve beautiful, natural, and long-lasting results

Certified in the Li-FT procedure

  • Li-FT® works in lightening any permanent makeup procedure
  • Li-FT® is a safe and highly effective saline-based tattoo lightening solution.
  • Li-FT® is an all-natural, hypertonic solution that contains no acids and no chemicals.
  • Li-FT® works in lightening any permanent makeup procedure and smaller body tattoos.
Now I can help a client who is unhappy with a permanent makeup application, the unwanted pigment can be lightened, and a new application can be done.

Why you should use Permanent Make-up

  • Permanent make-up gives you the freedom to swim, exercise, and even cry – without worrying about your make-up smearing or coming off.
  • Permanent make-up allows you the option to enhance your natural features or to create a dramatic effect.
  • It is ideal for cancer or thyroid patients.

Who benefits from Permanent Makeup

  • Men, as well as women
  • Busy people with little time to apply makeup
  • People with allergies to conventional makeup
  • Anyone who desires freedom from daily makeup application
  • Those who are physically incapable of applying makeup
  • Those who are active in sports
  • Those with oily skin who tend to shed makeup easily
  • Burn survivors and people with flaws in their skin
  • Those suffering from alopecia and vitiligo
  • Men and women who seek correction of asymmetrical facial features
  • Men and women who wish to look their best all of the time!

Shelley Waldman is certified in the Purebeau Permanent Makeup Program. This is the most exciting addition to her 25-year career in permanent makeup. She completed one-on-one training with a well-known permanent make-up artist in New York City. Purebeau is a high-tech digital permanent makeup method. The high-precision drive allows total precision while pigmenting color into the skin, resulting in beautiful permanent makeup.


Eyeliner (Upper & Lower)


Eyeliner (Upper)


Eyeliner (Bottom)




Refresh 12-24 months

20% off full price

Refresh After 24 months

full price

Additional Follow-up Session $100

Optional for clients who did not have satisfactory pigment retention after two required sessions due to oily skin type, individual body response, not following aftercare instructions properly, etc. Must be done no later than 8 weeks after a mandatory follow up session. Any session after that is considered a refresh and charged accordingly.

Cancellation Policy

You are required to pay a $100 deposit to reserve your procedure appointment; the amount paid will go towards the procedure of your choice, and to get a refund, you must cancel your appointment 48 hours in advance.